Choose from our range of event screens and supporting services to display live, interactive and pre-produced content to audiences of thousands.


A complete audio & video solution for engaging and captivating audiences at events in towns and cities across the UK

CamerA Teams

& live mixing

Let our camera teams stream live content directly to the big screens. Our mixing desk allows different camera shots or any digital content to be displayed across multiple screens to convey atmosphere and information, ensuring your message generates maximum impact at your event.

4 sided 'platinum' event screen

Reach your whole audience by displaying your content at every angle. With on-board power and built-in audio you can place us anywhere to extent the reach of your event, and with 4 screens to utilise you can show the same or different content across vast distances, to crowds of thousands.

beyond Camera feeds

Utilise the full potential of the interactive digital screens. Enhance your event and the experience of your attendees with live and interactive screen content or pre-planned messages.

outdoor cinema

With on-board power and built-in audio, our event screens are all you need for the perfect outdoor cinema



Display pre-produced content to promote you or your sponsors to crowds of thousands



Show up to the minute event/safety information, or even live Twitter and social feeds on the digital screen

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