Event Services and Experiential

Event Production

Live Camera Production
Let our camera teams stream live content directly to the big screens. Our mixing desk allows different camera shots or any digital content to be displayed across multiple screens to convey atmosphere and information, ensuring your message generates maximum impact at your event.

Vision Mixing
From a small event to an event with 000’s, our vision mixing directors can use multiple feeds incorporating images, graphics and live content from multiple cameras, to deliver the most amazing visual experience.

Roadshow & Hospitality Vehicle

This unique vehicle presents the opportunity to build a one to one relationship, from the visual impact of the 12 sq m screen on the outside of the truck, the relaxing seats inside, with digital screens to deliver presentations or entertain, whilst enjoying refreshments, snacks and even a Mr Whippy ice cream.

Media Displays Ambassadors, will welcome and host your guests and create a unique experience. The 12 sq m screen on the rear can show a live video interview from inside the truck, to pre-produced content or even video’s, or simply display your brand or your messages, to your target audience.

Onboard equipment:
Bean to cup coffee machine
18 bottle wine rack
Ice cream and slush puppy machine
50 inch HD LCD TV
32 inch HD LCD TV
2 x Tablets
Mobile phone charging points and Wi-Fi
Barbecue griddle
Hospitality Vehicle

Content Creation & Management

Across the UK event organisers introduce sponsors and advertisers messages. At Media Displays we offer an in-house creative service to support all events. Typically we receive assets / images / graphics / text and develop these into a bespoke solution.

Live Information

Create audience interaction and the opportunity to generate social media, by introducing a giant twitter wall at your event. Crowd safety is paramount, we can assist by creating safety messages or general public messages.

Big screens allow you to inform people of what’s on and the running order, increasing spectators engagement.


Sponsorship or Advertisers

With crowds of 000’s attending events, it’s possible to create content which promotes major sponsors or the screens can be used to generate additional advertising revenue.

Our in-house creative team, can assist with developing screen content and our event management team will work with you to create an event schedule.