What does ‘OOH’ stand for? 

‘OOH’ stands for ‘Out-of-home’ and refers to Out Of Home advertising, also called outdoor advertising, outdoor media, and out-of-home media.

What is OOH Advertising?

Out of home advertising refers to advertising that is found outside of a consumer’s home; most typically referring to Billboards and Digital Signage. It is defined as advertising experienced outside of the home, and includes billboards, wallscapes, and posters seen while “on the go”. It also includes place-based media seen in places such as shops, medical centres, salons, and other brick-and-mortar venues. OOH advertising formats fall into four main categories: billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternative. Media Displays is an Out of Home advertising agency.

Why Use OOH Advertising?

Out of Home Advertising differs from other media in that it cannot be avoided or blocked (like an advert on social media) and as more people spend more time outdoors, the potential audience for your message is increasing.

Our Digital LED screens will get your message seen by a great number of people and is more affordable than traditional means of OOH advertising, such as billboards or other printed media.Timing counts when delivering your outdoor advertising message, hitting the right target group at the right time can make your campaign unmissable. Digi-vans can be deployed to various areas or to selected roads or streets. Tailored creative treatments can be prepared with you, to allow personalised content to be aimed at various groups of people. This can be based on numerous considerations, including time of day, location or even age.

OOH gives your creative team a chance to be loud, eye-catching and daring. Award-winning OOH examples use bold visuals paired with clever headlines.

We recommend OOH creative be simple but bold, include a clear call-to-action and a compelling image to tie it all together. Use the location-based media format to be locally relevant with your message. Stretch the creative boundaries, but always stay authentic to the brand.

OOH media covers a wide range of creative options. It’s the OOH creative that drives genuine connections and lasting impressions.

Are billboards/digital signage effective?

Research shows that members of the public positively respond to digital signage advertisements, seeing them as synonymous with reputable, strong brands.

Having your company’s name on the big screen, elevates your brand / message to a range of businesses that are trusted by consumers. 

Over 60% of consumers take action after encountering advertising content on digital display screens, so digital advans are an excellent way to promote your call to action. 

What are the benefits of OOH?

Out of home advertising is hugely location driven, and our fleet of digital advans are perfect for targeting specific audiences in specific areas and specific times of day. Whether you’re an independent or major retailer, our video display screens can display content that best fits your business needs region to region but on a national scale. Together we can ensure that your message reaches your customers by tailoring your campaign to your exact requirements.

We take into consideration such details as location, time of day or news and weather events as and when they happen. This dynamic form of outdoor advertising promotion will give you more control and flexibility over your campaign and make it more relevant to your target markets, by being able to stand out form the crowd. Your potential customers are bombarded with advertising billboards and messages from the retail sectors on a daily basis. Having at your disposal a means to cut out your competitors and deal directly with your audience will produce significant gains for your business. 

Our fleet of advans can be the backbone of your marketing campaign, by taking advantage of mobile 11 – 20 meter sized digital advertising screens. By no longer being tied to certain locations or times of day, you can target your audience in a new captivating way that will be remembered.

OOH Advertising Screen Digivan LED


 What different types of OOH are there? 

OOH advertising formats fall into four main categories: billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternative.


Billboards are large scale printed adverts, typically advertising a brand, product, service or campaign. They are widely used by the world’s biggest brands for long term advertising, most commonly in areas of high traffic and footfall, like motorways and city centres. 

The downfall of billboard advertising against Digital Advans is that the turnaround time for such large printing can be slow and extremely expensive, as can booking the locations of your advertisement. Digital Advans can be distributed to optimal locations within 24 hours, and can adapt your messaging for different areas. 

Street Furniture

‘Street Furniture’ advertising typically refers to advertising on public transport shelters in the UK, but can also refer to ATMs, phone kiosks/booths, shopping centre ad panels and bench ads. 

Commonly this type of advertising is rotated on a timed loop, so an advert will display for a set amount of time before the unit will display another company’s messaging. 

Although an effective advertising channel, often the content is printed, causing the same issue as billboards in terms of a lack of flexibility and ability to adapt during a campaign. 

Transit Advertising 

Not limited to vehicular advertising such as trains, buses and taxis, ‘Transit Advertising’ also encompasses subway and bus station waiting areas. 

This area can utilise both digital and printed messaging, and can provide some degree of specified targeting, albeit limited; companies offering advertising space in these mediums tend to only offer long term campaign options. 


Clearly there are a multitude of options in OOH advertising, with pros and cons for each and more options becoming available as technology progresses. Other areas include arena and stadiums, interior placed based, convenience stores, video networks, health clubs/restaurants/bars, exterior placed based (i.e. airborne, marine, resorts and leisure).

At Media Displays, our expertise is in outdoor Digital Advertising, specialising in mobile Digital Advans. This channel empowers our clients to take a campaign anywhere in the country with pinpoint accuracy.

Digi-vans are an original way to get your brand and message seen in a range of spaces for outdoor advertising. Using the latest LED outdoor display technology mounted on our TV vans and advertising vehicles, you can target audiences in a number of locations, as they drive to and from work, travel by public transport, attend public events, eat or dine, shop and  many more through street screens, event screens or festival screens.

Battery-powered digital display screens