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Digi-vans are an original way to get your brand and message seen in a range of spaces for outdoor advertising. Using the latest LED outdoor display screen technology mounted on our vans and advertising vehicles, you can target audiences in a number of locations as they drive to and from work, travel by public transport, attend public events, eat or dine, shop and many more through street screens, event screens or festival screens.

Our fleet of mobile advertising vans use superior LED outdoor displays to deliver your message with impact. Digivans provide you with a creative solution, allowing you to captivate your target audience in towns and cities throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you decide to use animated copy, TV commercials or live camera feeds, ad vans will give you tremendous results.



Digital Advan Screen Hire

We have a great deal of experience and a wide range of Digital Advertising/messaging solutions. Our digital advertising vehicles are able to operate on the move or at a static location, and offer you total control over your marketing activity and a creative solution for advertising billboards. Digivans provide you the flexibility to engage with your audience at your choosing, be it on the commute to and from work or in areas that allow for the opportunity of public interaction, advans deliver real value to your outdoor advertising campaign.

Digital Large LED screen Mobile digivan advan

Mobile billboards

Our advans can be the backbone of your marketing campaign, by taking advantage of a large digital LED display screen. By no longer being tied to certain locations or times of day, you can target your audience in a new captivating way that will be remembered. Mobile billboards add real wow-factor to your campaign.


We can ensure that your message reaches your customers by tailoring your campaign to your exact requirements. We take into consideration such details as location, time of day or news and weather events as and when they happen. This dynamic form of outdoor advertising promotion will give you more control and flexibility over your campaign and make it more relevant to your target markets, by being able to stand out from the crowd. Digital Van Advertising is a lightning fast solution for reaching a specific audience with your message.  

Mobile Digital Advan advertising CityFibre

Explore Our Outdoor Advertising Screen Vehicles

From Premium to Titan, there’s a digital advan for every event or campaign.

Digital Advan advertising events


11m² – Digital Advan

These 11m² digital advans are best for high impact town and city centre advertising, ideal for proximity based marketing in busy pedestrian areas.

Mobile Digivan concert advertisement


20m² – Digital Advan

Our fleet of 20m² digital advans dominate towns and city centres, as these are the biggest and most captivating mobile advans in the UK.


Working with leading brands throughout the UK, including major retailers, we are trusted to communicate effectively to a diverse range of target audiences, utilising our fleet of Mobile Advertising Vans and alternative bespoke modular LED screens. We are also proud to work with many government organisations including Police Forces up and down the country. 

With a range of multi purpose mobile event screen vehicles, we target prominent out of home locations such as commuter routes, busy shopping centres, retail parks and even sporting events with our Digivans. 

We take your out of home (OOH) and digital out of home (DOOH) advertising messages to your target audience, when and where you choose.



All our digital vans use the latest outdoor LED displays. This proven technology outperforms traditional outdoor TV screens such as LCD, plasma or rear projection. LED outdoor displays are specifically designed for exhibition, festival or street screen use and they provide a vastly improved viewing experience in outdoor advertising environments.

  • LED offers enhanced brightness and contrast levels making them ideal for use in very bright outdoor locations, even in direct sunlight.
  • LEDs are effective from wide viewing angles maximising the screen’s impact.
  • An LED emits it’s own light creating bolder, brighter colours. The result is an image more eye-catching and captivating than standard ad-vans.

Our screens capture the attention of your target audience with unmatched clarity.