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LED Screen Hire

Event screens create maximum impact, giving spectators the chance to enjoy performances irrespective of how close they are to the stage.

Sponsors logos or message can be displayed and audience interaction can be achieved by introducing Twitter on the screen. As well as encouraging engagement, this can also increase followings across social media channels.

Event screens can be used indoors or outdoors, but typically mobile LED screens are used for events outside.

Mobile LED screens are built onto trucks with onboard power and associated audio visual equipment. This reduces the setup time and often allows us to limit costs.  


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Position Anywhere

Modular LED screens are built on temporary structures. They are often used for indoor events, or events outdoors where the screen is used on a stage.

In both instances, there is often a limited area for screens to be positioned.

Our outdoor big screen rentals also can assist with crowd control and in some situations improve health and safety issues by discouraging spectators to push forward.

Mobile LED Screens

Mobile LED screens can be positioned almost anywhere and the screen rotated to achieve the best viewing angles. These screens are perfect for outdoor events and help to keep an audience engaged, wherever they are. Often these are deployed on the day and removed at the end of the event.

Our mobile event screens can are frequently used for outdoor cinema screens, sports events, marches/parades, and a multitude of other events, thanks to our quick deployment and adaptability.  

With on-board power and built-in audio, you can place a mobile event screen in your chosen optimal location that’s going to capture attention and share your message.

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Installed LED Screen Hire Sale

LED Screen Installation

From consultation to maintenance, we provide advice and support to match your location, application and budget.

This includes:
Consultation | Visualising | Design | Engineering | Screen selection | Installation | Maintenance | Management

We offer a unique service, not only can we recommend the best screen manufacturer, from over 1,000 suppliers, but we can deliver an example to your offices, on one of our mobile display units.

We offer everything from LED screens that are designed to curve or to meet the physical environment of a fixed location, to displays that are installed on buildings, our creative and installation team will design and build the exact screen to meet with your needs.

Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire

Outdoor cinemas provide retailers, local authorities and event organisers with an amazing opportunity to interact with families and young people.

Retail traffic is increased when events take place and deliver longer shopping experiences, create valuable connections and extend dwell time with your target audience.

Local authorities gain greater community inclusion when involving all social and economic demographic groups.

Outdoor cinemas can be aimed at different age groups by introducing films with PG, 15 or 18 ratings.

These events can be revenue generating or used to appeal to new targets. They can also engage with existing visitors by offering a free open air cinema experience.

With our 4 sided ‘Platinum’ mobile LED event screen you can display your content at every angle to literally thousands of people. With on-board power and built-in audio you can place a digital display almost anywhere.

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as seen on tv

At Media Displays we’re proud to regularly support BBC One’s The One Show in their regular segment ‘One Big Thank You’. Mobile Event Screens are ideal for surprising the inspiring people that go the extra mile to help others in their community.

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Working with leading brands throughout the UK, including major retailers, we are trusted to communicate effectively to a diverse range of target audiences, utilising our fleet of Mobile Advertising Vans and alternative bespoke modular LED screens. We are also proud to work with many government organisations including Police Forces up and down the country. 

With a range of multi purpose mobile event screen vehicles, we target prominent out of home locations such as commuter routes, busy shopping centres, retail parks and even sporting events with our Digivans. 

We take your out of home (OOH) and digital out of home (DOOH) advertising messages to your target audience, when and where you choose.