We crafted this FAQ page to answer many of the frequently asked questions we get as market leaders in Digital AdVans.

Can we have moving content/video on screen while the vehicle is in motion?

We often have content playing whilst the display vehicle is motion. However, it can be more effective to park in specific high-traffic areas (e.g. commuter routes) in order to maximise the reach of your messages.


Can we have adverts with sound?

Yes, all our vehicles have audio capabilities, they have marine speakers installed.


What are the screens like in bright sunlight?

LED screens are used worldwide in scenarios with bright sunlight (sporting events etc), and are still a highly effective delivery method for your message in a Country with constant sunlight.


Do you operate the evening and early hours of the morning?

We operate in all hours so we can target your specific target audience, any time, any day.


Do your screens elevate?

We have a mixture of vehicles, some are specifically for city centres but where required we can deliver vehicles with elevating screens; even our quad-screen option (4-sided) also elevates.


Do you work in Scotland or Ireland?

We operate in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and have even worked with Crimestoppers in Spain and a fashion brand in Paris.


If you have any questions that aren’t covered in this FAQ, please get in touch with our team.