As early adopters of digital signage solutions, our team of designers have a wealth of experience creating advertising and interactive applications for our static and mobile digital display screens. Your display can include text, graphics, audio, video, live data from the Internet or even a live video feed.

We regularly create content for some of the biggest brands in the world, and we’re on hand to create your artwork from start to finish, or to assist your own design team to create engaging content which delivers strong and memorable marketing messages.



With images and graphics, visual content can be enhanced and captivate audiences. At Media Displays we operate within brand guidelines as well introduce creative flair to immerse your graphics, video, and images, and generate unique visual displays.


Operating with locations, where dwell time or the opportunity to see is limited or extensive, content can be designed to meet any and all, possible environments. Text can be introduced to communicate key messages, our design team can advise or design content to meet your campaign objectives.

Audio & Video

If you are planning an outdoor event, our production team will work with you to integrate your audio requirements, from delivering a PA system, to linking up with your audio specialist.

Advertising is more engaging when using sound, this captures and draws attention to the screen content, before the target customers see’s your message. They often say, “you hear the ice cream van, before you see it”.

Live Text & Video Feed

If you’re planning an outdoor event, our production team will work with you to integrate your social media channels, with live streaming or inter dispersed with your messages.

Twitter walls are becoming ultra interactive and allow event organisers to receive images, video and messages, not only on to a giant twitter wall, but to increase social media content.

As well as individualising channels, all our screens have picture in picture functionality, allowing event organisers to display two different content sources.

Screens used for advertising are not one dimensional, they have the capability to differentiate a brand or product, event organisers can create real wow factor, from simply streaming live coverage, to a full content produced show.


With many major brands including major retailers entrusting us to communicate to their target audiences, we are also proud to work with many government organisations including Police Forces

With a range of multi purpose digital screen vehicles, we target prominent out of home locations such as commuter routes, busy shopping centres, retail parks, even sporting events.

We take your out of home advertising message to your target audience, when and where you choose.