LED Screens

LED Screen Hire

Event screens create a wow factor, spectators can enjoy performances, irrespective of how close they are to the stage. Sponsors logos or message can be displayed, an audience interaction can be achieved by introducing twitter on the screen, which can create noise on social media channels.

Event screens can be used indoors or outdoors but typically mobile LED screens are often deployed for outdoor events. Mobile LED screens are built onto trucks with onboard power and associated audio visual equipment. This reduces significantly the setup time and often allows us to reduce costs.

Modular LED screens are built on temporary structures and are often used for indoor events or events outdoor where the screen is used on stage or there is limited area for screens to be positioned.

Event screens assist with crowd control and in some situations improve health and safety issues by discouraging spectators pushing forwards.

Events screens can be used for:
Filming and broadcasting
Concerts & Festivals
Outdoor cinema
Streaming live sporting events, e.g Wimbledon
Backdrop for product launches / promotional videos / consumer interaction
Business conferences and exhibitions
College & University Graduation Ceremonies
Civic, Parish & Local Council events
Film premieres
Royal & Celebrity appearances
Charity events

Modular LED Screens

Modular LED screens can be used indoors and outdoors. Our event team can deliver a tailored solution, building screens onsite from 10 to 100m². To enhance the atmosphere and add value to spectators experience, screens can be erected as part of a stage backdrop, flown at the side of a stage, or built as a standalone display.


Mobile LED Screens

Mobile LED screens can be positioned almost anywhere and the screen rotated, to achieve the best viewing angles. These screens are perfect for outdoor events and help to keep an audience engaged, wherever they are. Often these are deployed on the day and removed at the end of the event.

With our 4 sided ‘Platinum’ mobile LED event screen, you can reach your whole audience by displaying your content at every angle., to crowds of thousands. With on-board power and built-in audio you can place us anywhere in your event space that’s going to be a prominent location.


LED Screen Installation

From consultation to maintenance, we provide advice and support to match your location, application and budget.

This includes:
Consultation | Visualising | Design | Engineering | Screen selection | Installation | Maintenance | Management

We offer a unique service, not only can we recommend the best screen manufacturer, from over 1000 suppliers, but we can deliver an example to your offices, on one of our mobile display units.

With screens designed to curve, to meet the physical environment of a fixed location, to a screen installed on buildings, our creative and installation team, will design and build the exact screen.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas offer retailers, local authorities and event organisers, an amazing opportunity to interact with families and young people. Retail traffic is increased when events attract young people or families, offering longer shopping experiences and valuable connections, with your target audience.

Local authorities gain greater community inclusion, when involving all social and economic demographic groups.

Outdoor cinema’s can be aimed at different age groups, by introducing films with PG, 15 or 18 rating.

These events can be revenue generating or used to attract a new audience or to engage with existing audiences by offering a free open air cinema experience.