Will Smith, yes the actor, the performer, Mr Extraordinaire, headlined Livewire 2017, with DJ Jazzy Jeff and gave an amazing Fresh Prince from Bel – Air, performance.

Will entered the stage on a hydraulic lift, with pyrotechnics, a lighting rig fit for a megastar and seven LED screens including a 50 sq m screen as a stage backdrop. With a huge audience covering 4 football pitches, over 20,000 people were entertained by this Superstar.

Relaying and creating wow factor was enhanced by broadcasting Will’s performance, with over 150 sq m of high resolution stage screens. With pre-designed video content, images and live coverage of Will’s performance, our production team managed 5 camera operators and delivered content to individual screens or to all screens simultaneously.

In addition, three VIP area’s enjoyed the broadcast via 50 inch LCD TV’s. Will’s performance completed three days of artists including the Jackson’s, all artists including Will enjoyed unique stage settings and creative delivery of streaming content and live coverage of their performances.